Twitter has always been notoriously poor at offering means for marketers to create conversions. Over the past year, they’ve been looking to solve this problem by experimenting with their new “buy” button, which could help the platform create an alternative revenue stream to advertising.

But for marketers who have a more self-starting attitude, there’s no reason to wait. Below you can learn about some already tried-and-tested Twitter tools that can help you sell products, collect fan data, analyze metrics, and ultimately increase your sales.

HootSuite for Analytics

The built-in Twitter analytics feature can help you keep tabs on several important aspects of your tweets, including their day-to-day performance. While these standard analytics are useful, they’re still no replacement for more comprehensive social media management suites. That’s why so many brands rely on HootSuite to fill in the gap.

Helping you measure not only the performance but also the effectiveness or reach of your tweets, HootSuite can help provide you with far more actionable data than Twitter analytics alone. You can use HootSuite to schedule tweets, make your Twitter account a collaborative effort, integrate your page with a number of other important networks like YouTube and Facebook, and monitor the growth of your page. Best of all, HootSuite is available with a free 30- day trial, so you can try before you buy.

Coupons for Twitter

Bargains and deals drive people to make purchases that they otherwise would not have made. That’s why our junk mail is often littered with discounts, coupons, and other deals. This sales frenzy can be put to use on Twitter with little effort. For example, you can make your own coupons on Twitter with TwtQpon, a free app that can help you create coupons online. This site lets you choose from three different kinds of coupons, percentage discounts, free products, and money discounts.

After you’ve created a coupon, you can post it directly in your feed as well as on other networks. It’s worth noting that users are required to tweet your coupon in order to claim their discount, which has the added benefit of boosting the visibility of your page. And because it’s possible for you to collect data on all the users who Tweet your coupons, this app is a three-in-one solution for Twitter marketers.

Analyze Your Fans

There may be no more effective way to promote engagement and encourage brand loyalty then to reward the people who are currently engaged with your page. That’s where SocialRank comes in. This app can help you track the activity of all your followers, enabling you to identify the most engaged and the valuable amongst them.

This can help you target those individuals directly, whether it’s for lead generation or simply to keep engaged with your most valuable fans. With a paid subscription, SocialRank can also help you evaluate detailed demographic information, enabling you to sort through your fans with highly advanced filters to save time with your targeting.

Targeting Locals

Part of what makes social media marketing so effective is how it can help you target specific audiences. With the help of SocialBro, you can create geographically targeted Twitter advertisements just as you would on Facebook.

This app can help you find active Twitter users with highly advanced search filters, and then serve content directly to those targeted individuals. If you enjoy your free trial, paid users can unlock a variety of free useful tools for analytics, auto-following, and much more.

RSS to Twitter Auto-Tweets … with Images

Anytime you find yourself launching a new product, announcing important news, posting a new blog entry, or starting a new campaign, you should inform your entire network about it. Paired with an attention-grabbing image, this can be one of the best ways to drive attention to what’s going on with your brand. If your brand is fairly active, this process can quickly become time intensive, even for those who have tried to streamline the process with an RSS feed.

Thankfully, you can further automate this process with Twibble, an app that can automatically pull information from your RSS feed straight to your Twitter account, including images. Create an account with Twibble, configure your scheduling options, preview your tweets before they launch, and sit back and enjoy as Twibble handles the rest.

Keep Connected With Your Followers

Finally, (shameless self promotion here) you want to keep your followers on twitter warm. In other words you need them to be used to hearing from you on a regular basis. This is where Website Rocket comes in. Our online software literally tells you when and what to post on twitter so that your followers stay engaged and interested in your business. Just follow the schedule we give you and you are good to go.

We give you one or two tasks a day not just for twitter but for all of the major social media platforms and SEO as well. Our wide range of tasks will give your website the online promotion that it needs to succeed.

Getting Started

If you’re trying to market yourself on Twitter, you need to be able to keep ahead of trends, understand the habits your fans, and ensure your brand remains one step ahead of the competition. With the help of these tools, you can do just that. Although not every one of these tools may be applicable to your own brand, with a little creative thinking, you’re sure to be able to benefit from most.