A new article out on Inc.com’s website talks about 9 best practices to promoting your business through Social Media. This article is right on point with how you should be promoting your company through the big social media sites.

Because helping small businesses do their own social media is a major part of what our website promotion software does, this article caught my attention and I was curious to see how Website Rocket stacked up against what the best practices are.

As I read through the article I was pleased to see that not only did we hit every single best practice but we make it easier for our users to complete that practice.

You can view the original article here

I will go over each of the best practices they mentioned to show how Website Rocket stacks up.

1. Use data and analytics
Our software connects directly with your Google analytics account so that you can see how all of the promotion strategies are affecting both traffic and revenue.

2. Reach for loyalty, not millions
The article talks about not trying to become the next internet sensation with a viral video or content. But instead work on building a small base of very loyal fans. This is done by being very consistent in your posting on social media and making the content relevant and interesting.

Our software not only schedules out consistent social posting but also gives you the actual topics to keep your fan base engaged.

3. Go local
This is a big one for Website Rocket. Although we can help any business promote their website we really cater to the local small businesses. Making sure that you reach and dominate your local market is our specialty.

4. Plan in advance
The whole principle behind Website Rocket’s software is scheduling out tasks so that you have a consistent online marketing effort. What you post, where you promote is all planned out ahead of time so you never have to worry about what to do tomorrow.

5. Use what you already have
Many of the posts that we schedule for you help you take what you have already created and use it to your advantage to promote socially. This can include company or customer pictures, articles you have written or videos you have created. You have already done the work now we use that to help you grow your business.

6. Be interactive
One of the biggest keys to creating a loyal fan base is getting them involved and interacting with you. You will see that most of the Facebook posts we assign you engage your followers to interact with you. Running contests, polls, quizzes or just asking for their feedback will get the conversation going.

7. Turn the relationships into sales
This is the one where you need to be really careful. The last thing you want to do is make your followers feel like you are pitching to them all the time. After you have developed a great relationship with your followers then you can start asking for the sale. This should be rare. Let your relationship do the selling.

8. React quickly
Keep up to date with what is happening on your social media accounts and elsewhere online. Check in everyday to answer questions and reply to comments. You have no idea how much of an impact this will make on building your relationships. Sign up for a Google alert on your name and your business name so Google will email anytime someone else posts about you or your business somewhere. That way you can react quickly.

9. Personalize
The last point they make is for you as a small business owner to be the face of your business. People want relationships with people, not with businesses. That is why we schedule many tasks for you to do that include pictures of yourself and also things that make you look human. You want your customers or potential customers to be able to relate to you.


These 9 practices truly will help you promote your business through social media in 2015. If you are consistent and follow these steps the amount of followers you have will grow and so will your business. Remember that social media marketing is marketing now. It is the most critical part of small business growth.

You can view the original article here

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adam whiteAdam White is the founder of Website Rocket, an online software service that helps small businesses do their own website promotion. He has worked in the internet marketing world since 2000 and has written and directed a feature film. He lives in Arizona with his wife and 6 children.