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Adam White is the founder of Website Rocket, an online software service that helps small businesses do their own social media and SEO promotion. He has sold 14 internet businesses and in his spare time wrote and directed a feature film. He lives in Arizona with his wife and 6 children.

The Craziest Black Hat SEO Scam I Have Ever Seen – Have You Been Hit?

I have been in the SEO world since 2002. In that time I have optimized well over 300 websites (I stopped keeping track) successfully and then designing and developing SEO software for thousands more to optimize their own website. Being involved in the SEO world for so long I have come across some pretty crazy techniques and black hat strategies. I have to admit, dishonest people are pretty creative. I [...]

How To Get Your Business Onto Google Local – SEO Optimization Tips

10 Easy Steps To Get Your Business On The Top Of Google Local If you have a business that caters to a local region then getting a top listing in Google’s local results is paramount to the success of your business. More and more Google is trying to use your location when it delivers search results and so anytime anyone does a search which includes a city they will show their [...]

How To Grow Your Business With Social Media Contests – 6 Steps

Putting on a contest for your customers may be the last thing you have on your mind as an option for your marketing strategy. Even I can admit that, at first glance, a contest may seem less like a business investment and more like a frivolous expense with no guaranteed return. They take time, money, and creativity to keep it all in line with your brand and yield the best [...]

Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2015

It can be tricky to jump on the social media bandwagon when the wagon seems to have its own turbo-powered engine. Not to mention there are hundreds of wagon stops and a route that’s too inconsistent to keep track of these days – you’ve got plenty else to worry about as a small business owner. Which is why there’s no shame in getting your own social media marketing tool. Yes, [...]

How To Fix American Ninja Warrior TV Show – An Open Letter

Season 7 Finale Update - The Worst Case Scenario for ANW (spoilers included) You can read my open letter to the creators of American Ninja Warrior below but I wanted to include this update here. First off, congratulations to Isaac Caldiero, he won the show and deserves to get the grand prize. The reason this was the worst case scenario for the TV show is that after 7 years of [...]

Pinterest For Business 2015 – These 5 Companies That Nail It

It can be hard to take Pinterest seriously as a marketing tool for your business, considering its DIYer, mommy-blogging, cookie-tastic reputation. Anything that has inspired your mother to rediscover the subtle art of gelatin molds might not be a first choice when it comes to your marketing strategy. But if you’ve ever dug in past all the brownies and throw pillows, you’d be surprised to discover all the potential that [...]

What SEO Means in 2015: A beginners guide

It’s not easy being a small business owner. You’re in a position that requires you to make about two million decisions every day (we’re ballparking here), as well as be responsible for sifting through the roughly ten million investment opportunities thrown at you from marketing firms, accountant agencies, and the like. You’ve most likely heard the strange acronym “SEO” used at one point, and you’ve probably been told it’s one [...]

3 Killer Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website You’ve Never Thought Of Before…

There are a million articles, blog posts, ebooks etc on how to get traffic to your website. Some of them are good but most of them are regurgitated fluff. I know because I have read many of them. They all basically say the same vague thing. "Do SEO" "Write Really Great Content" "Do PPC" and the same old list goes on and on. What I have never seen are any [...]

9 Best Practices For Promoting Your Business Through Social Media in 2015

A new article out on Inc.com's website talks about 9 best practices to promoting your business through Social Media. This article is right on point with how you should be promoting your company through the big social media sites. Because helping small businesses do their own social media is a major part of what our website promotion software does, this article caught my attention and I was curious to see [...]

26 Best Ways To Promote A Small Business in 2015

There are now more ways than ever to promote your small business. Between using traditional offline strategies and taking advantage of the latest online marketing technology, you can find many different methods to gain publicity and build your brand. The more promotional techniques you employ, the greater your chances of success. That’s why the best approach is to implement a diverse, multifaceted strategy. With this in mind, the following are [...]