SEO for Photographers: A Beginners Guide

I am Jeff Millett and I’ve been actively involved in internet marketing for over 10 years and have been a full-time SEO consultant for over 5 of those years. I know what it takes to rank in today’s highly competitive internet playing field. This article covers some of the most important aspect of growing a successful photography business including SEO for photographers - a source for generating consistent work in [...]

How To Promote A Small Business On Social Media – 20 Strategies

The goal of any business is to make your business profitable. However, many small businesses struggle to do this, as they have giant, well-established businesses to compete against. If you own a small business and you are looking for ways to grow your business name and increase the number of potential customers that walk through the door, social media websites can help. There are many social media websites, such as [...]

How To Get Your Business Onto Google Local – SEO Optimization Tips

10 Easy Steps To Get Your Business On The Top Of Google Local If you have a business that caters to a local region then getting a top listing in Google’s local results is paramount to the success of your business. More and more Google is trying to use your location when it delivers search results and so anytime anyone does a search which includes a city they will show their [...]

8 Benefits of Having A Business Blog

Blogging isn’t easy. Anyone who operates a blog on their business website understands the special brand of pain that comes from having to create that much content that often. Even those individuals who blog for fun about any topic they want know how difficult it can be to stay on point so consistently. You may be debating whether or not a blog is appropriate for your business. Without knowing exactly [...]

Twitter Etiquette Tips for Newbies

Getting “accustomed” to Twitter can be so difficult, some people never get past that point and remain forever baffled by the social media platform. This can make it really hard to browse other profiles without feeling completely out of the loop, and even harder to get motivated to use the dang platform to update your business profile. What’s a “Tweet,” anyway? And is it really so important that it deserves to [...]

Why Your Facebook Post Reach is So Low

Let’s say your business Facebook page has 600 likes. You worked hard for those likes, and every follower is genuine and loyal to your brand. They’re all interested in what you have to say. Preferably, your Facebook post reach should naturally get up to 600. But you update your status, and only sixteen people see it. Facebook has become a much more difficult place to advertise for small businesses. General [...]

How To Grow Your Business With Social Media Contests – 6 Steps

Putting on a contest for your customers may be the last thing you have on your mind as an option for your marketing strategy. Even I can admit that, at first glance, a contest may seem less like a business investment and more like a frivolous expense with no guaranteed return. They take time, money, and creativity to keep it all in line with your brand and yield the best [...]

How To Fix American Ninja Warrior TV Show – An Open Letter

Season 7 Finale Update - The Worst Case Scenario for ANW (spoilers included) You can read my open letter to the creators of American Ninja Warrior below but I wanted to include this update here. First off, congratulations to Isaac Caldiero, he won the show and deserves to get the grand prize. The reason this was the worst case scenario for the TV show is that after 7 years of [...]

What SEO Means in 2015: A beginners guide

It’s not easy being a small business owner. You’re in a position that requires you to make about two million decisions every day (we’re ballparking here), as well as be responsible for sifting through the roughly ten million investment opportunities thrown at you from marketing firms, accountant agencies, and the like. You’ve most likely heard the strange acronym “SEO” used at one point, and you’ve probably been told it’s one [...]

3 Reasons Why This Awesome Cafe Is Failing – “The Profit” Model

For the Holidays my family and I went down to the small town of Sierra Vista, AZ to visit my wife's family. Every time we visit S.V. we have a tradition of going to our favorite local diner for breakfast, Cafe 92. The food is delicious, the atmosphere has the small town charm we love and the prices are too good to pass up. Also the food is delicious (did [...]