How To Lose $250k In Less Than 5 Minutes – The Profit TV Show Review S3 Ep12

The Profit TV Show Review - Season 3 Episode 12 In last night's episode of The Profit, Marcus Lemonis went to California to explore the opportunity of investing in Kensington Garden Rooms, a company that builds top of the line gazebos. Like almost every business Marcus visits Kensington was operating like a dysfunctional family. There was bickering, built up stress and frustration and a total lack of process. All things [...]

Did The Profit Make A Huge Mistake Investing In Bentleys Corner Barkery?

The Profit TV Show Season 3 Episode 10 - Post Show Commentary I'm so happy to have new episodes of "the worst show on television" upon us. I'm talking about The Profit which honestly after having gone to business school I feel like I have learned more about how to run a successful business in the 2 and a half seasons of watching the show than I did in 4 [...]