7 Twitter Tools to Earn You Sales

Twitter has always been notoriously poor at offering means for marketers to create conversions. Over the past year, they've been looking to solve this problem by experimenting with their new "buy" button, which could help the platform create an alternative revenue stream to advertising. But for marketers who have a more self-starting attitude, there's no reason to wait. Below you can learn about some already tried-and-tested Twitter tools that can [...]

Twitter Etiquette Tips for Newbies

Getting “accustomed” to Twitter can be so difficult, some people never get past that point and remain forever baffled by the social media platform. This can make it really hard to browse other profiles without feeling completely out of the loop, and even harder to get motivated to use the dang platform to update your business profile. What’s a “Tweet,” anyway? And is it really so important that it deserves to [...]