What SEO Means in 2015: A beginners guide

It’s not easy being a small business owner. You’re in a position that requires you to make about two million decisions every day (we’re ballparking here), as well as be responsible for sifting through the roughly ten million investment opportunities thrown at you from marketing firms, accountant agencies, and the like. You’ve most likely heard the strange acronym “SEO” used at one point, and you’ve probably been told it’s one [...]

3 Killer Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website You’ve Never Thought Of Before…

There are a million articles, blog posts, ebooks etc on how to get traffic to your website. Some of them are good but most of them are regurgitated fluff. I know because I have read many of them. They all basically say the same vague thing. "Do SEO" "Write Really Great Content" "Do PPC" and the same old list goes on and on. What I have never seen are any [...]