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Small Business SEO Services

When You Just Need A Little Help Getting Started.

Are “Done For You” Small Business SEO Services Right For You?

Done For You Small Business SEO ServicesSo you run a business, we know how daunting that can be …

You do everything!

You’re the butcher, the baker AND the candle stick maker.

Are you doing the SEO too?

When done correctly, SEO can be instrumental to your businesses success.

The thing about SEO though is that it requires the person implementing your campaign to stay up-to-date on current industry standards (which are constantly changing).

Also …

SEO takes time.

Of course, we all know SEO isnt a get rich quick strategy and rankings don’t pop-up to the top of Google in one day but that’s not the “time” we’re talking about.

“SEO takes time” means you need to be doing a little bit practically EVERYDAY.

How much time are you spending on your SEO everyday?

Let’s be honest …

If you feel like you might be falling short of the mark then you likely are.

That’s where “Done For You” SEO services help.

Let a Profesional SEO Consultant take control of your SEO campaign.

Lastly …

SEO takes time.

Many small business owners

“Done For You”

Small Business SEO Consultant ServicesKeyword Research Expert Services

Choosing the right keywords can make or break your SEO campaign.

It’s not always about volume, it’s about finding the right target audience for your website. The type of audience that turn into customers!

Every one of our Keyword Research Expert Services start-off with a 15-minute phone consultation.

While consulting with you about your site the expert will also review …

  1. Your Website
  2. Your Competitors Keywords
  3. Potential Main Keywords
  4. Keyword Derivatives (Longtail Keywords)
  5. And Keyword Difficulty

Lastly, your Keyword Research Expert will provide you with 3 to 5 keywords that are highly targeted and specific, for you to use in your SEO campaign as you move forward.

Note: This service DOES NOT include the creation of Meta Titles, Meta Description or H1 Tags. For this please see the services below On Page SEO Expert Services.

On Page SEO Expert Services

On Page SEO is your first step towards high rankings.

If search engines, like Google, don’t know what your website is all about then they can’t index your site in their search results properly.

Our On Page SEO Expert Services include Keyword Research Expert Services. This means that your expert will consult with you on what the best keywords are for you to target.

Then your On Page SEO Expert will …

  1. Write Your Meta Title
  2. Write Your Meta Description
  3. Write Your Page Title (h1 tag)
  4. And  Edit Your Content For Optimal Keyword Density

On Page SEO Expert Services help you to point your website in the right direction – so you can rocket to the top of today’s top search engines.

Natural Link Building

Link building can be a scary concept to many after so many Google updates that have really brought the hammer down hard on building unnatural links.

That’s why we go through a painstaking process to ensure the links you get are totally natural and have a powerful positive effect in the search results. You’ll see no red flags being raised here as we build you a link profile that will be organic and produce real results.

Content Marketing

In this day and age of search engine optimization, a good content marketing strategy is the key to having an explosion of free SEO traffic.

We will analyze your industry, and create a content marketing plan that will target hundreds of long tail key phrases that will not only drive traffic to your website but will also bring high converting traffic. This strategy will also give your website more authority as we add more high quality content.

SEO Services That Get Results

Our focus is always on growing your small business when we run an SEO campaign. If we see something outside of the SEO realm that we know will help your business be more successful, we let you know immediately.


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