About Adam White

Adam White is the founder of Website Rocket, an online software service that helps small businesses do their own social media and SEO promotion. He has sold 14 internet businesses and in his spare time wrote and directed a feature film. He lives in Arizona with his wife and 6 children.

SEO for Florists: A Beginners Guide

This guide is not just some mash-up of everything-in-the-world related to SEO. It’s much more than that! It’s a beginners guide that is 100% focused on everything a local florist needs to know in order to rank high in Google’s local search results. Each idea you’ll read here, each tidbit of direction, every explanation I’ll give is an actionable step that, when completed, will move you one step closer to [...]

SEO for Photographers: A Beginners Guide

I am Jeff Millett and I’ve been actively involved in internet marketing for over 10 years and have been a full-time SEO consultant for over 5 of those years. I know what it takes to rank in today’s highly competitive internet playing field. This article covers some of the most important aspect of growing a successful photography business including SEO for photographers - a source for generating consistent work in [...]

Google My Business Review Instructions Handout – It’s Free!

Fact: Did you know that business reviews on your Google My Business account will cause your local rankings to increase? Download this handout and leave it with each client you serve or hang it on your office wall (near your waiting area) and watch the reviews roll in.

How To Lose $250k In Less Than 5 Minutes – The Profit TV Show Review S3 Ep12

The Profit TV Show Review - Season 3 Episode 12 In last night's episode of The Profit, Marcus Lemonis went to California to explore the opportunity of investing in Kensington Garden Rooms, a company that builds top of the line gazebos. Like almost every business Marcus visits Kensington was operating like a dysfunctional family. There was bickering, built up stress and frustration and a total lack of process. All things [...]

Did The Profit Make A Huge Mistake Investing In Bentleys Corner Barkery?

The Profit TV Show Season 3 Episode 10 - Post Show Commentary I'm so happy to have new episodes of "the worst show on television" upon us. I'm talking about The Profit which honestly after having gone to business school I feel like I have learned more about how to run a successful business in the 2 and a half seasons of watching the show than I did in 4 [...]

10 Super Cheap Small Business Website Promotion Strategies That Work

The old adage, "If you build it, they will come," may apply to stadiums, but it certainly doesn't apply to websites. Building a great website, having a great product or offering a great service is simply not enough to compete in today's global marketplace. Promoting your website is vital to driving the most traffic to your site and enjoying high profits. There are cheap and free ways that you can [...]

Top 10 Offline Website Promotion Strategies

These days, it might seem like online promotion is the first, last and only word in promoting your business. As your customers are flooded with more online advertising, though, bringing your promotional efforts offline is a powerful way to cut through the clutter and get their attention. There are plenty of great ways to market your business offline with a low investment: 1) Business Cards If you’re planning to network [...]

How To Promote A Small Business On Social Media – 20 Strategies

The goal of any business is to make your business profitable. However, many small businesses struggle to do this, as they have giant, well-established businesses to compete against. If you own a small business and you are looking for ways to grow your business name and increase the number of potential customers that walk through the door, social media websites can help. There are many social media websites, such as [...]

Using Bing Places for Marketing a Local Business

If you run a local business, then there is absolutely no reason at all why you can't take advantage of the enormous potential that internet marketing has to offer. Search engine results are a lot more locally orientated than they used to be, particularly since the rise of mobile internet usage. Currently, about twenty percent of desktop searches are local ones, whereas more than half of all mobile searches are [...]

7 Twitter Tools to Earn You Sales

Twitter has always been notoriously poor at offering means for marketers to create conversions. Over the past year, they've been looking to solve this problem by experimenting with their new "buy" button, which could help the platform create an alternative revenue stream to advertising. But for marketers who have a more self-starting attitude, there's no reason to wait. Below you can learn about some already tried-and-tested Twitter tools that can [...]