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Meet Website Rocket Founder Adam White

Thanks to Website Rocket, you probably feel like you know your way pretty well now around your social media profiles. After a day or two of exposure to the software, you probably feel like a Website Rocket expert, too! But what about the guy behind it all? How much do you know about how it all began from the human perspective? Adam White, founder of Website Rocket, has a pretty [...]

9 Things You Should NOT Do to Stay on Google’s Good Side

Sometimes Google can act a lot like a high-maintenance human being. This is why he (or she?) is so hard to understand, why it can be so tricky to keep him happy. He has a series of complex emotions, doesn’t always think in black and white, and has a tendency to hold some serious grudges. So, like a volatile human, you’ll have to tread carefully around him and always keep [...]

6 Ways Your Web Design Can Make or Break Your Business

Even if web design is not your “forte,” so to speak, chances are you have an idea of what your business website should look like. At best, you have a clear vision in your head that you just can’t shake; you can perfectly imagine what photos you’ll showcase, what colors you’ll sport, and what kind of pages you’ll employ to describe and sell your product or service. You might even [...]

What C-3PO Can Teach You About Instagram

The beloved gold protocol droid C-3PO has provided many a life lesson throughout the Star Wars film franchise. He’s given us a foundation for translating foreign alien languages. He’s taught us that fretting over careless plans of attack won’t always do any good. And, above all, he’s taught us that it’s important to always be polite. So what can C-3PO teach us about Instagram? You know, that strange and seemingly-alien social [...]

8 Benefits of Having A Business Blog

Blogging isn’t easy. Anyone who operates a blog on their business website understands the special brand of pain that comes from having to create that much content that often. Even those individuals who blog for fun about any topic they want know how difficult it can be to stay on point so consistently. You may be debating whether or not a blog is appropriate for your business. Without knowing exactly [...]

Twitter Etiquette Tips for Newbies

Getting “accustomed” to Twitter can be so difficult, some people never get past that point and remain forever baffled by the social media platform. This can make it really hard to browse other profiles without feeling completely out of the loop, and even harder to get motivated to use the dang platform to update your business profile. What’s a “Tweet,” anyway? And is it really so important that it deserves to [...]

Why Your Facebook Post Reach is So Low

Let’s say your business Facebook page has 600 likes. You worked hard for those likes, and every follower is genuine and loyal to your brand. They’re all interested in what you have to say. Preferably, your Facebook post reach should naturally get up to 600. But you update your status, and only sixteen people see it. Facebook has become a much more difficult place to advertise for small businesses. General [...]